Health and Safety Policy Statement

The Ouse and Humber Drainage Board recognise that making the appropriate provisions for the Health and Safety of its employees is an integral part of its activities. It is therefore committed to carrying out its business in a manner that protects and maintains the health, safety and welfare of all its employees and all other persons that are likely to be affected by its operations, including contractors and members of the general public.

The Drainage Board will endeavour to fulfil its obligations in an appropriate and reasonable manner and as far as reasonably practicable, by complying with all relevant statutory provisions and implementing ‘best practice’. It will aim to achieve ‘continuous improvement’ in health and safety performance through establishing and maintaining systems that will ensure:-

  • All risk rising from and during our activities are identified, evaluated and appropriately controlled with safe design and working practices.
  • Employees are provided with the resources, information, instruction, training and supervision as necessary to allow them to perform their allocated tasks competently and safely.
  • Realistic and measurable health and safety objectives are planned throughout each year.
  • Effective controls are in place for the design, maintenance and use of premises, plant, substances and equipment that minimise risks to employees, contractors and the public.
  • Only competent Contractors and Consultants are appointed, who can demonstrate high standards of health and safety performance whilst carrying out their activities.
  • Effective monitoring arrangements are in place to measure the Boards performance and identify when remedial action is required.
  • Auditing is undertaken to identify the effectiveness of compliance against relevant statutory provisions and adopted procedures to ensure they are workable, adhered to, and if necessary, duly amended to ensure that they are practicable.

The Board recognises that to achieve improvements, commitment towards health and safety is essential for all employees that arrangements are in place, to consult and communicate on health and safety issues and procedures, with staff on a regular basis.

All employees have the authority to take immediate action in the interests of employee and public safety and the Board will support any employees’ decision not to commence work or to stop work where in their opinion, levels of risk cannot be effectively controlled. Employees have a responsibility to themselves and others for maintaining health and safety standards and preventing ill health at work.

The Board provides a complete Health and Safety Policy to all employees and any other organisation or persons who may be affected by our activities and by doing so a safer and healthier working environment will be achieved.

Andrew Morritt, Chief Executive. Date: 28th June 2011