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The Board maintains 260 miles of watercourses………….

…………….19 pumping stations and numerous structures, including  tidal outfall structures.

We call all of these things ‘Assets’ and aim to carry out some form of maintenance on them all at least once a year unless the watercourse is culverted (piped) or we can not access it due to inappropriate development of unlawful activities.

We also maintain 15 miles of main river and the Humber Tidal Defences between Melton and North Yorkshire on behalf of the Environment Agency, we carry out works on these assets 3 times a year.

Watercourse Maintenance

Watercourse Maintenance activities include:

– Tractor Flail Mowing (Grass cutting the banks)

– Weed Control (Moving weed from the channel of the watercourse

– Silt Removal (AKA Sludging – Removing excess silt from the channel of the watercourse)

– Regrading (Pulling back slipped banks to their design profile)

– Stabilsation Works (Piling or other structural works)

Pumping Station Maintenance

Pumping Station Maintenance activities include:

– Regular servicing

– Screen clearance

– Repair and replacement of moving parts

– Security of buildings

Definitive Maintenance Map

Below you will find an interactive map of the watercourses that OHDB maintain, along with watercourses maintained by our partners the Aire, Don and Ouse Consortium of Internal Drainage Boards.

Use the different layer controls in the interactive map to understand which watercourses OHDB and ADOC maintain

Board maintained watercourse are shown in red main rivers are shown in blue.

Bridges and Culverts (Piped Crossings) that we know about are shown in grey. (Turned off by default).

To turn information on or off click on the layer box (Arrow pointing at box in top left hand corner) of the maps display.