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The Board

The Ouse and Humber Drainage Board

The Board is made up of  23  Members. 11 of these are directly elected in a way similar to that for Ward Councillors. 12 of our members are appointed by the Council.

Board Members are elected or appointed to represent the interests of the Board and the drainage, flood risk and associated environmental management needs of the community it serves.

The Executive Management team is led by the Board’s Chief Executive, in turn his team of managers look after specific service areas including Corporate, Finance, Engineering and Asset Management. The Board employ other finance and rating officers along with a team of skilled operators and craftsmen. Much of the work of the drainage board is undertaken by contractors.

Unlike some other internal drainage boards the Ouse and Humber Board is managed by a full time staff employed directly by the Board.

Board Members

Management Team

  • Chief Executive

    Andrew McLachlan

    Andrew is the Chief Executive and Clerk to the Ouse and Humber Drainage Board and a number of other internal drainage boards in Yorkshire . He has overall administrative responsibility for the Board, along with supporting all services areas, his focus is the development of capital programmes and strategic plans for the internal drainage boards he manages.

  • Chief Engineer

    Eddy Allen

    Eddy is the Chief Engineer to the Board and is responsible for front-line delivery of maintenance activities. Eddy also acts as project manager when the Board is delivering new works

  • Corporate Strategy Manager

    Angela Cowen

    Angela is the Corporate Strategy Manager. Her team manages finance, rate collection, human resources, corporate and strategic planning matters, business planning, audit and the Board’s other administrative service areas.

  • Asset Manager

    Russ Towse

    Russ is the Asset Manager for the Board. Russ’s job is to map, update and collect information about the watercourse, structures and equipment the Board look after. His role also includes the production of maintenance plans and contracts to help the Board deliver value for money services.